By a trip, created a skin care brand 【COAST NATURE】
As its name, it stands for pure, beauty, ocean and sea shore. COAST was inspired in 1994 while the founder was on the vacation at the beach of Bali. They sailed to an uninhabited island for fishing. Incautiously his foot was hurt by the shells spread out the sand, the blood was streaming down. The boatman plucked alga and plants around the sea shore, rubbed and put it on the wound. Suddenly the wound stop bleeding. After several days he went back home, the wound was completely recovered and left no scar. He was astonished and amazed at the natural power of the plants accreted around the sea shore. By using the efficacy of the plants around the sea shore, it is a simple and easy method for the fisherman to cure the slashed wound.
Rachel Carson, the first beginner of Environmental Protection Movement. In her research, it stated in detail that the ocean, nature and human being are in same union. To highly praise and commemorate the contribution of Rachel Carson, the founder named the brand 【COAST】, means pure beauty comes from ocean and land.
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